Haneen, 7 years old, lives in a refugee camp in Iraq/Kurdistan, (daughter of the teacher Khatoon, please look also here)

»I live in the camp with my parents and I also have a little brother.
We reached the camp by car.
During the day I go to school in the camp and sometimes after school I'm staying with friends outside the camp. I have a lot of friends in the camp. We chat or ask each other questions.
There is nothing that makes me really angry.
I'm just afraid of some teachers in school.
At night, I always dream of being the best student in my class. I can not remember if I took anything from Sinjar and I can not remember the time in Sinjar, too.
In the future I would like to become a doctor.
On my last birthday my parents took me to Happy Park (an amusement park not so far away from the camp).
My favorite place in the camp is the school, because there I'm learning something.«
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