Ahlam, 10 years old
»My whole family, parents and siblings, have been kidnapped by Daesh.
I come from Girzerik in the Sinjar mountains and I arrived here three months ago with my uncle. We were attacked during the flight and my parents car broke down and they fell into the hands of Daesh. I went with my uncle in his car, that's why I'm here now.
Currently I have no school, but I'm already registered for a new school, which is now being built.
I used to be very good in school, I was always one of the best in the class. I got lessons in English and Arabic, but I was mostly interested in Kurdish.
During the day I draw pictures in a book someone gave me. I have only one friend, my cousin. I'm talking with her about our home. I fear nothing here and have no fear.
I'm missing only my parents, nothing else. My greatest wish is to meet them again.
In future, I would like to work as an engineer.
I thank you and I would be happy if my story gets known.«